20 Best Celebrity Memes

Memes don’t require a definition, but we’re going to drop one for you anyway. Urban Dictionary says a meme is “an image, video, or set of text that becomes popular and spreads rapidly via the internet.”

The best memes go viral because the image captured perfectly expresses a universal emotion, often one that totally describes your reaction to a scenario that’s totally unrelated to what was happening in the original picture.

Bill Cosby Meme

Christopher Walken Meme

Diabeetus memes

Morgan Freeman Meme

Ray Lewis Meme

Stevie Wonder Meme

Taylor Swift Memes

Will Smith Meme

Beyonce Meme

Kim Kardashian memes

Kristen Stewart Meme

Sean Connery Meme

Cookie Monster Meme

Gene Wilder Meme

Jackie Chan Meme

Kanye West Meme

Michelle Obama Meme

Michael Jordan Meme

Drake Meme

Kevin Hart Meme