Hudson Mohawke – Passports Ft Remy Banks

Mass Appeal Records’ Sillicon Valley Soundtrack has already produced a couple of interesting collaborations, including Nas and DJ Shadow’sSystematic” and Danny Brown and skywlkr’sKool Aid.” The latest pairing from the album doesn’t disappoint as British producer Hudson Mohawke and Queens rapper Remy Banks team up for the globe-trotting “Passports,” which will ring off from L.A. to London.

The team behind the Silicon Valley Soundtrack has been very impressive so far, delivering songs like “Systemic” by Nas and DJ Shadow as well as the Danny Brown and Skywlkr collaboration, “Kool Aid.” With the latest, a visceral beat carries the movement while Remy Banks lays down a banging verse. The Queens, NY rapper flows back in forth in between the beat as he lists off several cities he’s been globe-trotting through.

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