M.I.A. – Goals

M.I.A. slows things down and strips things back on her new single, “Goals.” The Brank-produced track comes complete with an Instagram boomerang-style video filled with images from recent M.I.A. concerts. The video will be on display throughout Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall public spaces during the singer’s Meltdown festival, which kicks off on June 9 and features performances from the likes of Giggs, Young M.A. and M.I.A. herself.Dedicated to my hardcore fans thank you for your unfaltering dedication and support.

M.I.A. has released a new song called “Goals” and a video to go along with it. The song is produced by Branko. The video comprises of GIFs compiled by photographer Jaime Martinez. M.I.A. left the following message in the YouTube description: :DEDICATED TO MY HARDCORE FANS THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNFALTERING DEDICATION AND SUPPORT. YOU HAVE GIVEN ME A SLIVER OF HOPE IN HUMANITY. STAY STRONG.” She also urged her fans to vote tomorrow in the British election.

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