Whose Career Is Valuable? Eminem Or Jay Z?


We were just searching some brand new topics for you people because we know you can’t live without getting any BRAND NEW and INNOVATIVE update regarding the hip hop song and finally, we hooked up on comparing the world’s top two rappers of all time. First we thought, we should compare someone else with Eminem but then we intellectually thought that Eminem and Jay Z have experience in competing live concerts as well. So, let’s get started with the prominent differences and main features of each one of them.

Starting with Eminem, he has done 33 “hot 100 singles” in his career. Eminem is popular just because of his ‘singles’ and he has polished his name in this niche. While on the other hand, Jay Z has got a lead here by having 42 “hot 100 singles” in his entire career.

Eminem has 16 successful singles that are also included in the top 20 and on the other hand, Jay Z has got 17! Jay Z is still having a lead here. But in the later statistics, the whole thing is gonna change.

Eminem has got overall worth of $48.47 million because of his great popularity. Jay Z is lagging a little bit here by having overall worth of $31.3 million. Jay Z is equipped with 5 Empires. New Jersey Nets, ROC Nation, Carol’s Daughter Cosmetics, and 40/40 Nightclubs while on the other hand, Eminem has got only 2 Empires that are Shady Records and Sirius Radio’s Shade 45.

Finally, comes the awards that both of the rappers has won in their career. Eminem has won 11 Grammy awards Jay Z is lagging behind by having 10 Grammys. 9 VMAS awards are on the Eminem side and Jay Z has got only 5 VMAS awards. Coming towards the Oscar Awards, Eminem has only 1 but Jay Z hasn’t got any Oscar in his career yet.